The risks of incorrect application of sowing products

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  • Hydrosol Ensemencement
  • March 03 2023

It is important to clearly distinguish the products used, because a bad application added to a poor agronomic knowledge of the products can result in a real nightmare.

It is essential to use experienced professionals to ensure that the method is correctly applied and that the products used are of high quality.

lawn growth

Improper application of seeding products can pose many risks to the success of the green surface cover project. First, if the products are applied incorrectly, lawn growth may be uneven or even non-existent, which can lead to bare patches or uneven green coverage.

The spread of weeds

If the products are not chosen carefully according to the characteristics of the site, the quality of the soil, the climatic zone and the topography, it can also lead to problems such as the spread of weeds, the appearance of diseases of lawn, or destruction of green cover due to erosion or other environmental issues.

Consequences on the environment

Finally, incorrect application of seeding products can have negative consequences on the environment by causing pollution of groundwater or nearby waterways. That's why it's essential to choose high-quality seeding products and apply them correctly by following the manufacturer's instructions and working with trained professionals.

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