About us

Hydrosol's mission is to become the leader in hydraulic seeding, erosion control and the environment.

Greener Soil with Hydroseeding

Hydrosol, your expert in erosion control and hydraulic seeding

Hydrosol's mission is to become the leader in hydraulic seeding, erosion control, environment in the residential, commercial, road sector and thus promote its efficiency and its many advantages still unknown here.

Of superior quality and defying all competition, hydraulic seeding is an agronomic and innovative method which is a new technique replacing traditional peat for certain projects and has several aspects offering you added value.

Hydroseeding, or sometimes referred to as hydro-seeding, offers unparalleled quality and sometimes even genetically modified to suit the needs and the project.

An innovative method

Hydroseeding is an innovative method that is growing rapidly.

Hydrosol is a company that is particularly fond of this technique for its many virtues and for quickly covering large or small surfaces, thus making it possible to overcome erosion problems.

Other techniques used

Hydroseeding is not the only technique used for erosion control.

The use of erosion mattresses is also common in cases where the slope is of a length and a high risk factor when evaluating the slope, the flow of water generated and its velocity.

Hydrosol also offers other more advanced techniques linking geo-technology and erosion control, on request and in specific cases.

As a landscaping company, one of the things that is important to us is the environment. We try by all means to use and carry out our work in the most responsible and respectful way towards the environment.

We believe in 100% natural products and we try to do our best to have green and eco-responsible actions.

Compliance with AAC standards

All our mixtures and varieties come from the highest standards in the industry and all meet the very strict standards of (Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Agency) regarding the rates of purity, germination and quantities requested in each of the mixtures for of conformities.

APPQ certified

It is with pride and after a long rigorous process that Hydrosol has been granted the title of member of the Association of Professional Landscapers of Quebec (APPQ).