The Hydrosol refund policy

Things to know about our policy

You are not satisfied? No worries. We make sure to fix the problem.

The result is not what you expected? Do you have doubts about your lawn and doubt that it is healthy? No worries. We have a team of experts available to assess the land and ensure that it exceeds your expectations. Simply contact us to locate the problem in order to apply the solutions and actions put in place.

A reimbursement process that meets your satisfaction*

You can obtain a refund for your purchase by requesting the cancellation of your order before the arrival of our team on your site, without any costs or penalties. If the cancellation of the contract is done before the application of the product but our team is mobilized on your land, administrative costs of 10% will be retained.

In the event that a request for reimbursement is made following the application of the product in the field, the following steps must be followed in order to resolve the problem.

Request for reimbursement upon presentation of the invoice. No refund will be made without an original or electronic invoice.

An expert's visit to the field should be done in order to analyze the problem and locate the reason for the refund request.

A written correction plan signed by the expert will be sent to the client.

All stages of the remediation plan must be followed and applied.

A second visit by the expert is required to evaluate the results of the correction plan

Depending on the expert's assessment, an amount may be reimbursed. In the event of a refund 10% of the total invoice is retained for administrative purposes.

*no refunds are made until these steps are in place.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

A simple and hassle-free exchange policy

Because your satisfaction is important to us, Hydrosol Seeding Inc. will be happy to provide all the products and materials necessary for the corrective plan provided by the expert. If you live within a radius of 100 km from our offices, we will be happy to take care of the delivery of these products, if this is the case, and that, free of charge.

NB The request must be made at least 35 days after the application of the product and the customer must have applied, at his own expense, the fertilizer recommended by Hydrosol following the first mowing. A request for reimbursement will not be accepted if the customer has not followed ALL of Hydrosol's recommendations as indicated in the maintenance guide given on the day of the work. (See below the recommendations to follow to be eligible for the refund process)

If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

Recommendations to follow to be eligible for the refund or land correction process.

The customer must have followed Hydrosol's instructions and must have followed the instructions in the maintenance guide for the expert to begin the analysis process for reimbursement purposes. The instructions to follow can be found under the Warranty tab of our website and the maintenance guide is available there. Here are the details of the recommendations to follow;

The use of topsoil recommended by one of our representatives or topsoil corresponding at least to the criteria issued by the BNQ and promoting the healthy germination of a seedling.

Follow the watering instructions following the application, as indicated in the Maintenance Guide given by the technician on the day of the work.

Apply the germination fertilizer designed exclusively for hydraulic seeding offered by Hydrosol when purchasing the contract following the first mowing of the lawn, ie 35 days following the application of the product.

** Please note that if the expert detects that one of these elements has not been respected, the refund will not be granted. Among these, the land must show no signs of poor maintenance or visible neglect, such as poor watering or the presence of chemically unbalanced or contaminated soil.

*** In the event of an inconclusive soil analysis having a deficient soil, Hydrosol reserves the right to cancel any procedure for reimbursement and correction if necessary. Hydrosol reserves the right to request reimbursement for analyzes as well as fees for the preparation of agronomic documentation.

**** Delivery charges may apply for customers located outside of a 100 km radius from the nearest store.

***** Advice Guarantee; if reimbursement is impossible, Hydrosol Seeding is committed to helping you improve the condition of the land in order to give you the desired result.

****** The rate for agronomic documentation: $75/hour.