Hydrosol guarantees

The germination guarantee

Hydrosol undertakes to offer a guarantee of results on all hydraulic seeding applications having the necessary conditions for complete growth. A land ravaged by rain or not maintained according to the recommendations of the maintenance guide will not be able to benefit from our complete and free guarantee.

The result of your land is the combination of our technology and the maintenance that the customer will do during the first 30 days of germination before reaching full maturity of the young seedling. It is important, both for us and for you, the client, to aim for a sparkling result.

The anti-enema guarantee

We now offer the Anti-Enema Guarantee on all our hydraulic seeding over 5,000ft². For an additional charge of only 0.025¢/ft², you can avoid product washout in the event of a downpour within the first 48 hours or torrential rain within the first 10 days of product application.

In order to ensure the stabilization of the product, we use a mulch used for erosion control which allows us to maintain the seeding in place on flat ground in the event of rainfall. It is quite obvious that in case of significant accumulation on the ground, it is possible that the product moves on the other hand the damage is much less important with this product.

Do not hesitate to ask your representative for more information on this warranty!

We offer the germination guarantee if you meet the following three criteria:

  • Adhere to the exclusive Hydrosol Fertilization program to ensure the development and growth of the young seedling. This allows us to respect our unique and specific formulations for hydraulic seeding and that no other product will be applied for a period of 12 months after seeding or until the maturity of the lawn has been reached.
  • The use of topsoil recommended or approved by one of our representatives. This is the cornerstone in sowing, because bad top soil (TopSoil) can often spell nightmares and we can't offer any guarantees if we don't know where it comes from. Caution is therefore required when choosing the topsoil supplier,
  • Follow the watering instructions following application OR be equipped with an automatic watering system