Specialized residential services


Topdressing involves spreading a thin layer of topsoil on the lawn to feed the soil with organic matter and stimulate the growth of the lawn.

Ideally after soil aeration and with good watering, this technique stimulates microbial activity in the soil and strengthens the root system for a healthy, green lawn.

Topdressing can be applied every two or three years depending on the green space and the attention given.

Fast lawn repair

Mechanical seeding

This method of repair and reconditioning, also called overseeding, involves incorporating seed directly into the soil with a multiple-hole drill. Hydrosol has been using this method for several years on golf courses and large green spaces, and now it is available to residents looking for a solution without having to start from scratch.

This method strengthens and tones the root structure for rapid and healthy growth of the existing lawn. Seeds and recipes are specifically adapted to your terrain and soil type to guarantee a unique environment.

Fertilisation exclusive

Fertilization program

Hydrosol offers a personalized 3-step fertilization program, based on best practices in the Golf field and using slow-release formulations to prevent burns.

By offering a simple and abuse-free approach, we advocate for customer application to save money while enjoying a high quality product not available at local retailers.

Our proprietary fertilizers are designed to support our hydro seeding and ensure a healthy lawn.